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With Skydeals, airlines can unlock new revenue streams, elevate the onboard shopping experience, and streamline retail operations by transforming in-flight commerce into an interactive and captivating journey for passengers.


Skydeals offers vendors an exceptional opportunity to tap into a captive audience of in-flight shoppers, expand their brand reach, and drive sales through an innovative and engaging digital marketplace.

Transform e-commerce into engaging inflight entertainment

Turn your flight into an epic shopping adventure!

Transform your flight into a thrilling shopping spree with exclusive offers, flash sales, and personalized deals – all delivered to your home.

Get exclusive deals on a variety of products and services, only available during your flight

SKYdeals brings the thrill of exclusive deals to your in-flight experience, offering a diverse range of products and services that are available only during your flight.

Experience the excitement of FlyOver deals as you travel across destinations

With SKYdeals, enjoy thrilling flyover deals featuring exclusive discounts based on your flight route and countries below, bringing a new twist to your in-flight shopping adventure.

Connect with your fellow travelers and enjoy fun group buying experiences

With SKYdeals, you can bond with your fellow travelers and enjoy exciting group buying experiences, all while discovering exclusive deals on products and services that are only available during your flight.

Join the thrill of Flying auctions and bid on exclusive items during your flight

With SKYdeals' Flying Auctions, join thrilling in-flight auctions for exclusive items, bid during your flight, and discover post-landing if you've won. Elevate your shopping experience with fun and engagement.

Shop without leaving your seat and get your items delivered straight to your door

With SKYdeals, you can shop while flying and avoid the hassle of going to physical stores. Plus, your purchased items can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

Trusted by leading Airlines

Hop on board with our amazing airline partners, who share our passion for making the in-flight experience an unforgettable, sky-high adventure!

Air France - Inflight Shoppertainment
Lufthansa Inflight Shoppertainment
Austrian Inflight Shoppertainment
Etihad Inflight Shoppertainment
La Compagnie Inflight Shoppertainment
AeroMexico Inflight Shoppertainment

Schedule your personalised demo today

Discover the full potential of SKYdeals for your airline or brand by booking a customized demo with our experts. Experience firsthand how our platform can revolutionize your in-flight retail strategy and boost your sales. 

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